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For visitors or spontaneous trips

Divvy is a fun, easy way to take short trips around the city. Just walk up to any Divvy station kiosk and purchase a 24-Hour Bike Pass using your credit or debit card. Pass holders can print a ride code to unlock a bicycle and begin a trip. Ride codes are good for only one trip.

For subsequent trips, swipe your card at a kiosk to receive a new code at no extra cost. Your Bike Pass includes unlimited trips of 30 minutes or shorter—trips longer than 30 minutes incur overtime fees.



Unlimited 30 minute trips -

no additional charges

(Timer resets whenever you dock a bike.)
Avoid incurring overtime fees by returning your bike to any Divvy station within 30 minutes.
24-Hour Pass Overtime Fees
0–30 minutes of each trip INCLUDED
30–60 minutes $2.00
60–90 minutes $6.00
Each additional 30 minutes +$8.00

New Way

to Travel

Location location location.

With hundreds of stations around the city, you’ll be able to find Divvy stations almost anywhere you go.

Make your own path.

Divvy lets you take control of where you want to go. Use Divvy to get to the neighborhoods and attractions other tourists miss.

Feel the city.

Riding through Chicago on a bicycle is an exhilarating feeling. Free yourself from traveling inside buses, trains, and taxis all day long.


to Use

Purchase at any kiosk.

Wherever you see a Divvy station, just walk up to the kiosk and follow the instructions on the screen. Your Pass gives you access to the system for a full 24 hours.

Made for everyone.

Divvy bikes are designed for comfort and ease. They’re made for city riding with three speeds, a bell, a front rack, and front- and rear-flashing LED lights powered by your pedaling.

Dock it and leave it.

No bike locks necessary. When you arrive at your destination, just re-dock your bike in a nearby Divvy station, wait for the green light, and walk away.


on Your Wallet

Unlimited rides.

By purchasing a 24-Hour Bike Pass, you can take as many trips under 30 minutes as you like during that period. You’re only charged a overtime fee if you take trips longer than that.

Price that makes sense.

Taking taxis around the city—even for short distances—can add up quickly. At just $7, Divvy’s 24-Hour Pass is roughly the same cost as a 1-mile taxi ride in regular traffic.