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Bike Share 101

What is Bike Share?

Bike sharing is an innovative new transportation system you can use without having to own your own bike. The Divvy fleet is made up of specially designed, heavy-duty, very durable bikes that are found in a network of docking stations all over the City of Chicago. They are transit systems which allow users to control their own travel and is intended to be used for short, quick trips (typically less than 2 miles).

To ride, users can purchase 24-Hour Passes ($9.95) or an Annual Membership ($75) to use the system. 24-Hour Passes may be purchased from any station kiosk using a credit or debit card. Annual Members enroll online and receive a personal key used to quickly unlock bikes from any station.

Bikes can be returned to any station anywhere in the system, creating an efficient network with many possible connection points and combinations of departures and arrivals.

Why launch a bike share system in Chicago?

Chicago is introducing bike share to provide Chicagoans and visitors with more options for getting around the city. Bike share makes trips fast, efficient, easy and affordable. Divvy gives Chicagoans access to a bike when they want one, without having to worry about storage or maintenance. It also helps complete the city's great mass transit system – in comparable cities, up to 50% of bike share trips are made to get to or from a public transit station.

Who can use bike share?

Divvy will be available to everyone 16 years and older with a credit or debit card. And it's not just for tourists - bike share in cities all over the world are used by a wide range of people for an almost infinite variety of trips. In Chicago, bike share is used by commuters and tourists alike, whether they are trying to get across town at rush hour, traveling to and from CTA stations, connecting to the lakefront, or moving among the City's vast array of attractions.

Is bike share safe?

Divvy Bikes are extremely stable and sturdily built. They are routinely maintained by professional mechanics to check safety features such as always-on lights, reflectors, chain guards, and bells.

Today, cycling has never been safer in Chicago. The City has over 204 miles of bike lanes, which make streets much safer for cyclists.

The City of Chicago will use Divvy to increase the outreach it is already doing around bicycle safety. Divvy’s visibility and the sheer increase in the number of bicyclists will create a great platform to further educate Chicagoans on how to safely share the streets.

Divvy Members receive discounts on helmets and other accessories, to ensure they are prepared for their trips. For a complete list of shops offering Divvy Bike Shop Deals, please visit our Deals page.

We've also partnered with the League of Illinois Bicyclists to encourage safe cycling in Chicago. After becoming a Divvy Member, visit their website and take the Bike Safety Quiz. When you earn Gold status, email your certificate to and we'll extend your membership by an extra month.

What other cities have bike share systems?

People are using bike share systems in over 200 cities, including New York, Boston, Washington, Denver, Minneapolis, London, Paris, and Barcelona with more programs launching each year. In London, the 8,000-bike Barclays Cycle Hire program has recorded 4.5 million trips in its first year of operation. Washington DC's 1,100-bike program was so successful that it has already expanded to keep up with demand.


Where are the Divvy stations?

For the most current station information, please visit our Station Map. Bike Share stations are placed at CTA and Metra stations, employment centers, shopping districts, medical centers, schools and other popular destinations. They are located on sidewalks or on the street near the curb. Stations are wireless, solar powered and modular so that they can be easily installed.

How were these locations chosen?

We know from studying bike share systems globally that to successfully launch, we must start in the area of highest use such as the Loop and River North. That way stations will be densely populated, leading to a system that is financially self-supporting. The Loop sees the most intensive travel demand in the city, so it is good business sense to center operations there.

How can I find out about jobs with Divvy?

One of the great benefits of this program is that it has created over 100 jobs in Chicago. As positions become available, job descriptions will be posted on


How can I become an Annual Member?

Annual Memberships are available for purchase online only. All Divvy Memberships require a valid credit or debit card on file, and payment may be made with either MasterCard or Visa. Members must be at least 16 years of age. Your Annual Membership begins from the day you activate your key, not from the day you sign-up online. You can choose to activate your key at your convenience.

Is a security deposit taken when I become a Divvy member?

Annual members are not charged a security deposit.

I've signed up online. What happens next?

Divvy will mail you your Divvy membership key within 5-9 days of receiving your registration. When you get your key in the mail, you must go online to activate it. Then you're ready to ride!

When will I receive my Divvy key?

Your key will arrive in the mail usually within 5-9 days of joining Divvy. If you have not received your key seven business days after signing up, please call to speak with a customer service representative at 1-855-55-DIVVY.

I've received my Divvy key. Now what?

Before the key can be used to unlock a bike, you must activate it by logging into your account via the Log In tab at using the username and password you chose when registering for your Membership.

Will my Membership be automatically renewed upon expiration?

Divvy offers you the option to enroll in the Auto-Renew Membership feature, so your service will never be interrupted. Enrollment in Auto-Renew means that on the day your Membership is dated to expire, your Membership will automatically be renewed for another Annual Membership period.

All Annual Memberships are enrolled in the Auto-Renew feature by default. You can adjust this setting in your Member Profile or by calling a Customer Care Representative at 1-855-55-DIVVY (553-4889). Members that are enrolled in the Auto-Renew feature will receive an email confirming when auto-renewal of their membership has occurred.

Can I purchase an Annual Membership if I don't have internet access?

Sure! Give us a call at 1-855-55-DIVVY (553-4889) to speak with a Customer Service Representative and request a paper application form be mailed to you.

Can I lend my Divvy key to someone else?

No, your Divvy key is not transferable. Inappropriate use or sharing of keys will result in membership termination and any overtime fees and/or potential damages charges will be settled against your credit card.

Does Divvy offer any discounted Annual Memberships?

Yes! Divvy offers discounted Annual Memberships to Corporate and Community Partners with a variety of rates available. Click here for more information about Corporate and Community Partnerships.


I only want to ride occasionally or am just visiting town for a short time. How do I purchase access to the system?

You may choose to purchase a 24-Hour Bike Pass for $9.95 at any Divvy station using the touchscreen kiosk.

As a Pass holder, the first 30 minutes of each of your trips are free. After the first 30 minutes, you'll be charged overtime fees. You can avoid incurring overtimes fees by returning your bike to any Divvy station within 30 minutes of starting your trip. You may take as many trips as you want during your Pass period.

Is there a security deposit held when I become a 24-Hour Pass holder?

When you purchase a 24-Hour Pass to Divvy, a preauthorization hold of $1 per bike is placed on your card account. This is a not a settled charge against your account. It serves as a security deposit and will be released when the hold expires. Holds may last up to 10 days, depending on your credit card company. We recommend using a credit card and not a debit or check card when becoming a 24-Hour Bike Pass holder. Using a debit card may result in overdrafts if you don't have sufficient funds in your account to cover the hold.

If you have any additional questions, please call to speak with a Customer Service Representative at 1-855-55-DIVVY (553-4889).

How do I unlock a bike as a Pass holder?

Once your 24-Hour purchase has been completed, a ride code receipt will be printed. Type the five-digit ride code into the key pad located on a dock with an available bike to unlock the bike and begin your trip.

Ride codes expire after 5 minutes. If you aren't able to use your ride code within 5 minutes, you must obtain another code by swiping your credit card at the kiosk and requesting a new ride code. You are not charged for requesting additional ride codes during your Access Pass period.

If you have any problems, please call to speak with a Customer Service Representative at 1-855-55-DIVVY (553-4889).

Will my original unlocking code work throughout my Access Pass period?

No, it won’t. A ride code will only unlock a bike for a single trip. When you're ready to ride again, go to any kiosk during your Bike Pass period and swipe your credit card. Our system will recognize your card and issue another ride code. No additional membership fees will be charged to your card.

Ride codes expire after 5 minutes. If you aren't able to use your ride code within 5 minutes, you must obtain another code by swiping your credit card at the kiosk and request a new ride code. You are not charged for requesting additional ride codes during your Bike Pass period.

If you have any problems, please call to speak with a Customer Service Representative at 1-855-55-DIVVY (553-4889).


Are the first 30 minutes always free for Annual Members and 24-Hour Pass holders?

Whether you’re an Annual Member of a 24-Hour Pass holder, the first 30 minutes of every trip are free. Trips that last longer than 30 minutes will incur overtime fees. A trip ends when a bike is securely returned back to a Divvy station. You may take as many trips as you want during your Membership or Pass period.

If you would like to take a bike for an extended period of time, we recommend that you rent a bike from a local bike rental location. Please visit our Resources page for a list of bike shops around the city. For bike tours, check out Bobby's Bike Hike and Bike and Roll.

How will I be charged after the first 30 minutes?

Please visit our pricing page for overtime fee details.

How will I be billed for my Membership/Pass and usage fees?

Annual Members will be billed Membership charges immediately upon submitting their application through the Sign Up page. Usage fees, as well as any damage or service fees incurred, will be billed on the 3rd of each month of your Membership.

24-Hour Pass holders will be billed at the time of purchase. Any overtime or other fees incurred during your Pass period will be charged to your credit card at the end of the 24-Hour period, or when your bike has been returned after your 24-Hour Pass period has ended.

I don't have a credit or debit card. Can I still use Divvy?

We are working on a number of solutions for individuals that do not have bank accounts to be able to access Divvy. At present, however, you are required to have a debit or credit card to use the Divvy bike share system. Please visit our partners at Bank on Chicago to find out more information on how to open a low or no-cost bank account that may offer a debit card.


Tell me more about the bikes.

Divvy bikes are easy, fun and comfortable to ride. They feature a step-thru frame that provides a lower center of gravity and ease of access to a wide range of heights. Every bike has three speeds, a bell, front and rear-flashing LED lights and a handy front rack. Plus, the internal hub gears, chain guard and fenders keep you riding clean, confidently and in style.

Tell me more about the stations.

The stations are solar-powered and modular to allow for easy installation. Each station consists of a variable number of docking ports for the bikes, plus a touchscreen kiosk for the purchase of Bike Passes. You'll also find a map of the service area and the surrounding neighborhood that shows the locations of bike lanes and other Divvy stations.

Do the bikes fit everyone?

Divvy bicycles are designed to be used comfortably by people of a wide range of heights, simply by adjusting the seat height. To adjust the seat height, follow the seat post down to where it fits into the bike frame and flip open the quick release lever (a clamp on the right side of the seat post). Raise or lower the seat to a comfortable height and then close the lever to lock the seat securely in place. If you have trouble moving the seat, it can be helpful to wiggle it back and forth a little while pulling it up or pushing it down. Be sure that the lever is open before you try moving the seat.

Make sure the seat is centered by aligning the vertical black line on the silver seat post with the notch in the blue bike frame. After you have found your right seat height, check the number on the side of the seat post for quick reference and remember it for your next trip.

If you have any trouble adjusting your bike seat, please call to speak with a Customer Service Representative at 1-855-55-DIVVY (553-4889).

How long can I take a bike out?

Annual Members and Bike Pass holders have the first 30 minutes of every trip free. Longer rides incur overtime fees.

If your Divvy bike has not been returned and correctly docked at a station after 24 hours, the bike is considered stolen and a fee of up to $1,200 plus administrative fees will be charged to your credit or debit card.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Divvy strongly encourages you to wear a helmet when you ride.

Members receive a discount on helmets and other accessories at participating bike shops. For a list of these shops, please visit our Divvy Bike Shop Deals page.

How do I take a Divvy bike out of a bike dock?

It's easy! If you're an Annual Member, just dip your Divvy key into a dock with an available bike. If you've purchased a 24-Hour Pass, simply enter the 5 digit-ride code you received at the kiosk into the key pad on a dock with an available bike.

When the green light blinks on at the dock, lift the bike up by the seat (about four to six inches) and let the bike drop. Then holding onto the handlebar with one hand and the seat with the other hand, pull the bike firmly towards you. Adjust your seat height and roll on!

Remember: Bike Pass holder's ride codes are valid for five minutes and only for a single trip. If you need a new code, just dip your credit card at any kiosk. You will not be charged for requesting additional ride codes during your Pass period.

If you have any problems, please call to speak with a Customer Service Representative at 1-855-55-DIVVY (553-4889).

How do I return a bike to a bike dock?

Push the front wheel of the bike firmly into the bike dock and watch for the green light to blink on. The green light indicates that the bike is properly secured into the dock. If the yellow light on the bike dock stays on or if a red light appears, pull the bike out and try to re-dock into another empty bike dock.

Remember: the bike is your responsibility until it is properly locked back into a dock.

If you have any problems, please call to speak with a Customer Service Representative at 1-855-55-DIVVY (553-4889).

How do I ensure that my bike is properly docked?

After you dock your bike, wait to make sure the dock displays a green light. This will let you know that your bike is properly docked. Don't see a green light or want to make sure? Grab the back of the seat and lift up to see if the bike comes back out of the dock. If you can remove the bike from the dock, please try again to dock your bike.

Can I take out more than one bike with my Divvy key or my credit card?

Your Divvy key will allow you to unlock one bike at a time. If you're with a friend who doesn't have a Divvy Annual Membership, they can use their credit or debit card to purchase a 24-Hour Pass at the kiosk.

Holders of the 24-Hour Pass may take out a maximum of two bikes with the same credit or debit card. Please note that a security deposit of $1 will be held against your credit or debit card for each Bike Pass you purchase ($2 if two Passes are purchased).


What do I do if the bike isn't working properly?

If your bike is not working properly, just lock it back securely at any Divvy station and notify us by pushing the white wrench button on the top of the dock. In case of difficultly re-docking the bike, please call us at 1-855-55-DIVVY (553-4889).

What do I do if there are no empty bike docks when I want to return my bike?

If you want to return your bike at a station that’s completely full, we'll add an extra 15 minutes of free time to your trip that you may use to return the bike to another station. Simply go to the kiosk at the full station, dip your Divvy key (for Annual Members) or re-swipe your credit or debit card (24-Hour Pass holders), and select “Station Full?” to add the free time to your trip. You may also check the real-time status of nearby stations to find an available bike dock using the “Nearby Stations” option on the kiosk.

If you have a smartphone, download the CycleFinder app for your iPhone or Android device to view real-time information on bike and dock availability, then plan your trip accordingly.

If you have any problems, please call to speak with us at 1-855-55-DIVVY (553-4889).

What do I do if there are no bikes available at my station?

Use the "Nearby Stations" option on the kiosk touchscreen to check the real-time availability of bikes are nearby stations.

If you have a smartphone, download the CycleFinder app for your iPhone or Android device to view real-time information on bike and dock availability, then plan your trip accordingly.

My Divvy key or ride code isn't working! What do I do?

First, make sure your key has been activated by logging in to your account at using the username and password you chose when signing up. If your key is indeed broken, it can be replaced. Please call 1-855-55-DIVVY (553-4889) and our staff will send you a new key. A $10 replacement fee may be charged to your credit or debit card.

If you're a 24-Hour Pass holder and your ride code isn't working, simply request a new ride code by re-swiping your credit or debit card at any Divvy station kiosk.

My Divvy key has been lost or stolen! What do I do?

Please contact us at 1-855-55-DIVVY (553-4889) as quickly as possible to deactivate your Divvy key and prevent fraudulent use, as well as to obtain a new key. You will be charged a replacement fee of $10. Any overtime, service, damage or stolen bike fees incurred by your key before you have reported it as stolen will be your responsibility.

My Divvy bicycle has been lost or stolen! What do I do?

Immediately notify us by calling 1-855-55-DIVVY (553-4889). You must do this within 24 hours. The customer service representative you speak with will ask you to fill out a Divvy Theft Report form. In addition, we request that you call or visit the police precinct in which the theft occurred within 24 hours to file a theft report. Your credit card may be charged for the cost of recovery or replacement of the bike. Please note, you must contact Divvy within 24 hours of the loss or theft of your Divvy.

I've had a crash involving my Divvy bicycle. What do I do?

Call 911 immediately. You should also call the police district in which the crash took place and file a report with an officer. This will help assure all important information is documented. You can also call 311 to report non-emergency situations.

Within 24 hours of the incident, you must notify us of the facts of the crash by calling and speaking with a Customer Service Representative at 1-855-55-DIVVY (553-4889). We will provide you with a Divvy Crash Report to fill out. Remember, The bike remains your responsibility until it has been properly locked at a dock, or handed over to a Divvy representative.