Vote with Divvy

On November 6th, take a free ride to your polling location with Divvy!

On a daily basis, thousands of commuters use Divvy bikes to commute to work, school, and now, to vote.

Ride Free on Election Day

The best way to buy a pass is through the Divvy app. Download the app and enter promo code VOTE18 to get your free Explorer Pass and ride all day.

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Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th - Come Prepared!

We’ve partnered with to help you out. Know what you’re voting for by researching every race and referendum on the ballot with BallotReady and their digital, nonpartisan voter guides.

In the primary election in March, Chicago’s voter turnout was only 30.29%* of its registered voters. We’re going to help change that by offering free Divvy rides on Election Day 2018 to get you to your polling location.

Voting is open from 6am to 7pm on Election Day in Chicago. You should vote at the polling place where you are registered which can be located at by entering your address. If you are already in line at your polling place by 7pm you are allowed to vote.

*Chicago Board of Election Commissioner