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October is Women's Bike Month and we're celebrating all the great women who keep Divvy rolling. Meet Lindsay, as Director of Marketing she leads our small but mighty Marketing team and is the the brain behind marketing strategy at Divvy.

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October is Women's Bike Month and we're celebrating all the great women who keep Divvy rolling. Meet Ebonie one of Divvy's Station Technician. As a Station Tech, Ebonie works with the rest of her team to keep the Divvy stations in tip top shape from swapping out batteries to repairing docking points.

Eric Fotomagrafia

Meet Eric, a Chicago native and the creative eye behind the photo tours at Formatografía. A member for 4 years he joined Divvy when his personal bike was stolen, now he’s fallen in love with all the transit options Chicago has to offer. We caught up with him during one of his tours to see how he uses Divvy for work and play.

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Meet Cassandra, a Brooklyn based travel consultant who runs EscapingNY and is obsessed with all things travel & bike share. We caught up with her to find out how she used Divvy on her 5 day trip to Chicago.

When pulling monthly usage stats for October we noticed an outlier – a user with 495 trips. That’s an average of 16 rides per day! Instead of wondering who this elusive rider was – we called them!

Kerdia doesn’t just commute to and from work on a Divvy – his work is to Divvy. As a bike messenger, he found that after multiple bike thefts it just wasn’t worth it to own a bike anymore and got a Divvy membership instead. Almost 2,000 trips under his belt, for a combined total of roughly 34 days of Divvy riding total – he is at super user status. Kerdia – you may be one of our biggest fans, but we’re one of yours!

Top Shot

In just four short years, tens of thousands of Divvy members have come to rely on Divvy to get around and explore Chicagoland. They've taken more than 11 million trips, and pedaled millions of miles.

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We’re excited to announce the release of Divvy ridership data for more than 3.2 million trips taken in 2015! This newly released data joins already available trip information for more than six million trips, totaling more than 13 million miles by Divvy riders, taken since our launch in 2013.

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We’re adding something new to the Divvy blog! Every month, we’ll be featuring a Divvy employee in our “Employee Spotlight”. We’ll ask this person five questions, which are meant to give our riders a look into who we are, what makes us tick, and possibly provide some laughs.

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2015 was a big year for Divvy! With 175 stations added all across Chicago this year, Divvy is now the bike share system with the largest service area in North America and continues to grow. We pioneered the Divvy for Everyone program to grow Divvy access to low-income Chicagoans, and we grew our ridership by 30%.