Divvy Data

Historical trip data available to the public

Here you'll find Divvy's trip data for public use. So whether you're a policy maker, transportation professional, web developer, designer, or just plain curious, feel free to download it, map it, animate it, or bring it to life!

Note that we'll be releasing trip data twice a year: once following the end of calendar Q2 and once following the end of calendar Q4. This data is provided according to the Divvy Data License Agreement.

The Data

Each trip is anonymized and includes:

  • Trip start day and time
  • Trip end day and time
  • Trip start station
  • Trip end station
  • Rider type (Member, Single Ride, and Day Pass)
  • If a Member trip, it will also include Member’s self-reported gender and year of birth

The data has been processed to remove trips that are taken by staff as they service and inspect the system; and any trips that were below 60 seconds in length (potentially false starts or users trying to re-dock a bike to ensure it was secure).

Download Divvy trip history data

You can get live station info on our station GBFS JSON feed.