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How it Works

Divvy gets you around Chicago in a jiffy

Divvy is a new bike sharing system featuring thousands of bikes at hundreds of stations from Andersonville to Hyde Park, available 24/7, 365 days a year. Each station has a touchscreen kiosk, station map, and a docking system that releases bikes using a member key or ride code. You must be 16 years or older to ride Divvy.




Purchase an Annual Membership online or get a 24-Hour Pass from any Divvy station. Annual Members will receive a unique Divvy key in the mail after completing their application.



Annual Members simply dip their key into the slot at any station with an available bike. Those who buy a 24-Hour Pass will be given a code that they can type into the keypad on any dock with an available bike.



You’ll get unlimited 30-minute trips for the duration of your Membership or Pass. Run an errand, grab a bite, commute to work or school. Remember to adjust your seat and wear a helmet.



Lock the bike back at any station. Wait for the green light to confirm the bike is secure. (Divvy crews are constantly monitoring and balancing stations to make sure stations are neither full nor empty).



Take as many trips as you want during your Membership or Pass period. Take any Divvy bike, any time! Enjoy getting around Chicago in a new way.


Why you'll love Divvy

Ideal for quick trips.

Divvy is perfect for your short trips (under 30 minutes by bike) around the city. From Union Station to work, from home to the store, from your hotel to a nearby restaurant.

Location location location.

With hundreds of stations around the city, you’ll be able to find Divvy stations almost anywhere you go. Near home, work, school, or shops.

Plays well with other transit.

In other cities, up to 50% of bike share trips are made to get to or from a public transit system. Divvy helps you get between stations and the places you go most often.

Ride together.

Chicago residents can use Divvy with their friends and in-town guests. Buy someone a 24-Hour Pass and show them around the city you love.

Fun and affordable.

Bike share programs give people more choice in the way they get around Chicago. Divvy is not only an affordable alternative, it’s also a fun one.

Sharing means caring.

The word "Divvy" means “to divide and share.” This new bike system connects us all and helps build a stronger local community.

New transit system.

Divvy will be the second largest bike sharing system in the US. We’re building something new and big, and creating local jobs in the process.

Start by watching short videos about how to use the Divvy bikes and stations below.